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How often are people getting coronavirus twice?

Coronacast 24 de septiembre de 2020 14

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With coronavirus still raging around the world, there have been plenty of opportunities for people to get COVID-19 twice.

The good news is that it seems to be incredibly rare for a person to contract the disease twice.

But in less good news, it seems when someone does get reinfected, it can be more serious the second time round.

So what does this mean for any vaccine?

On today’s show:

* Why has there not been much discussion about possible treatment and therapies for coronavirus?

* What are the top three countries that get «the gold star» in dealing with the pandemic?

And it’s time for Quick Fire Friday!

* How do you determine what percentage of infections in the community is required for herd immunity?

* If COVID 19 can cause inflammation to the brain and cause Parkinson’s, what other sickness can do the same?

* How safe are choirs now?

* Who will be Norman’s co-host next week?

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