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How many cases a day are we happy to live with?

Coronacast 27 de agosto de 2020 15

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As the number of new coronavirus cases in Victoria continue to fall, conversations are turning to coming out of stage 4 restrictions.

Part of that discussion is how many new cases will be accepted each day before restrictions can be eased.

NSW has been ticking along with a handful of daily cases, and so far seems to have been able to manage it without a massive outbreak.

So what can we manage day to day? And what can be tolerated?

On today’s show:

* What level of virus would we be able to tolerate long term?

* Is zero community spread a long-term goal?

* How is it going in NSW and Queensland at the moment?

* Can Norman please say something nicer about Victoria? Is there any silver lining yet?

* What can Victorians do at an individual level to help get cases down?

And it’s time for quick fire Friday:

* My kids are using an iPad for hours a day in lockdown. What’s the impact on their mental health or their eyes?

* If the cold is often caused by coronaviruses, could any vaccine also help stop it?

* Are there any statistics on high-risk venues?

* Can COVID-19 spread via air conditioning systems?

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