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How long does it take to bust a COVID cluster?

Coronacast 19 de enero de 2021 17

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An analysis of NSW coronavirus clusters has found the state’s COVID-19 outbreak could almost be at an end.

The ABC looked at 18 coronavirus outbreaks in NSW since July last year and found that it takes authorities three weeks on average to bring an end to each cluster.

That means that the cluster which Berala cluster, which began on New Year’s Eve, could be in its last days.

But on today’s Coronacast, it all depends if contract tracers have missed any cases.

Also on today’s show:

* A very small study finds that the Pfizer vaccine mightn’t work quite as well on the new «UK strain» variant

* I’m in my 30s and my partner and I always thought this was the year to start trying for a baby. Now I’m worried that if I get pregnant now I’ll miss or delay my opportunity to get a vaccine.

* Why is Australia only sourcing two vaccines and not all that is available, including the Russian and Chinese ones?

ABC data journalist Catherine Hanrahan

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