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Was coronavirus 50 years in the making?

Coronacast 12 de mayo de 2020 11

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There are all sorts of coronavirus origin stories, ranging from secret US military plots to disastrous accidental leaks from Chinese labs.

But studying the evolutionary history of the SARS-COV-2 virus reveals that those stories are unlikely.

So what is the most likely explanation for where the virus came from and could it be that it’s been circulating in humans for far longer than we think?

On today’s episode:

* We revisit some of the origin stories of the novel coronavirus

* If someone is asymptomatic with COVID-19, what’s the maximum time they could be contagious?

* Is it true that people who recover from the virus are left with serious holes in their lungs?

And Norman talks about a paper that looks at a tuberculosis vaccine and if it could be useful in protecting against COVID-19.

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